How To Apply Eyeliner For Hazel Eyes

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When you apply eyeliner it’s essential to enhance the beauty of your eyes. Hence choosing the perfect eye makeup is essential to look best with eye color you have naturally or the lens that you intend to wear or the occasion. Hazel eyes are a unique eye color that has many color specks that makes it look better with different kinds of make up. However, some have brown hazel eyes while some have greenish hazel eyes. This means they have to pick a different eye shadow to suit their eye color while applying Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes.

Step by step instructions to apply eye makeup for hazel eyes:

1. Cleanse your face with a mild cleanser and rinse well. Now pat it dry with a soft towel.

Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes2. Apply moisturizer all over your face but not on the eyelids.

3. Apply eyeliner as a thin line on the bottom of your eyelid. Then apply a thicker line on the outer side of the lower eyelid. Now repeat the same with the other eyelid.

4. Now apply eyeliner to the upper eyelid of your eyes along the lashes. Then again, apply a thick line on the outside and allow it to fade a bit in the middle.

5. Now curl the eyelashes using an eyelash curler. Try to insert the eyelashes in the curler, press it down and then count up to 10 while curling it slowly.

6. With an eye brush, apply lavender shade eye make up, Apply a dark shade of lavender at the outer side of the lid. Then use a lighter shade of lavender at the inner corner of the eyes. Now blend the shades in the middle of the eyes.

7. To finish the Eye Makeup for hazel eyes, complete the look by applying mascara on the lashes of the upper and lower lids.

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