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Easy Tips for Choosing the Right Hazel Eye Cosmetics

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Choosing the perfect hazel eye cosmetics can be very difficult at times. Unlike other eye colors, hazel eyes are demanding and needs just the right shade and type of make up to make it look the best. This eye color is an interesting combination of brown, green and brown gold that demands extra attention while choosing the makeup.

Choosing the eye shadow:

Eye shadow plays a vital role in Eye Makeup. You can try some basic color combinations to make your eye make up attractive. Make sure to consider the eye shadow before settling for an eye shadow.  Purple are dark shades but looks great for your hazel eyes. This eye shadow color can enhance the natural eye color of yours as its dark hue helps highlight the beauty of your eye color. You can also find brown, rose, green and lavender shades. You can buy all in one eye shadow kit to experiment with your eyes.

Eye Makeup For Hazel EyesChoosing the eyeliner:

Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes depends on two main features – one is the eye shadow while the other is the eyeliner. You must use your imaginary skills to combine these two features to create an impressive look. Though it is a thumb rule that your eyeliner must complement the color of eye shadow you use and must not be a contrast one, you can try a bit of contrast for a distinct style. However, make sure not to go overboard with the levels of contrast as it might spoil the look. Go for gray, dark brown or black, as it would suit all shades of hazel eyes. If you have hazel eyes with a green tone, then choose green colored eyeliner.

Choosing the right mascara:

You will not be able to find a number of choices for mascara like eye shadow. When you wish to avoid over dramatized look, you can avoid wearing mascara in black, green or blue. However, you can wear green eyeliner if you are wearing a green eye shadow. The best option to enhance the look of hazel eyes is brown mascara. If you wish to use a bit of a dark shade, you can go for dull brown shades or the golden black ones. If you wish to play it safe on an important occasion then you can wear brown colored mascara.

Types of eye makeup for hazel eyes:

You can opt for the bright makeup if you want a shiny and stunning look. This makeup uses golden hues and yellow based eye shadows to intensify the look of hazel eyes. You can also go for amber, copper, yellow and saffron. Neutral look is interesting and is a bit more subtle than other makeup. Blend in the nude shades and use the soft earthy shades to enhance the eyes. If you have medium skin, then you can use deeper rich shades as these will make your hazel eyes glitter.

Follow these tips that are tried and tested by many beauticians across the world to make your eyes look expressive and attractive.

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Makeup For Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

Choosing The Right Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

Eye makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair should compliment your natural features rather than distract from them. The exotic mix of brown and green pigments in such woman’s eyes will be easily lost to an overdone makeup.

These exquisite features are a gift, and you don’t want to dull them down by exceedingly dark eye makeup. Here you’ll find several makeup tips, which will really help because of the fact that there aren’t too many choices of eye makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair.

Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair – Eyebrows

Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

Eye Makeup For Hazel Eyes and Brown Hair

You don’t want to have too thick of eyebrows to pull off this look. Before applying eye makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair, you’ll want to smoothly shape your eyebrows with a light to medium thickness. It’s important not to go too light, as you can easily lose the eyebrows to the darkness of your brown hair.

On the other side of things, you can’t fill them in too much, or it will stand out too much. Finding the right balance between full and thin enough is going to be the biggest challenge here.

Starting Off The Look With A Great Foundation

When choosing your foundation, you should test out a wide variety of colors, tones, and shades. Don’t settle for good enough – take it to the next level. After you find a tone that matches the color of the skin on your face, you should make sure to view it in a well lit area, as lighting can really throw you off with the illusion of a good match.

The Actual Eye Makeup

Depending on the darkness of your brown hair, you’ll have to vary the mascara. Often black mascara looks good with dark brown hair, while you could try a slightly lighter color like brown to compliment light brown hair.

If you are doing the eye makeup for hazel eyes and pale skin, sometimes the contrast of really dark eye liner can give you an awesome smoky look. Because skin tone can really effect the overall look, you’ll want to ensure you’re doing an eye makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair, not just having brown hair and hazel eyes and then adding a random makeup application on top of it. Every element of the makeup should balance and compliment each other when viewing the overall finished look.

Lipstick and Blush With Eye Makeup For Eyes and Brown Hair

If you  have dark skin, a darker brown or even dark orange shade of lipstick can be pulled off quite well. On the other side of the spectrum, light pink or light brown will be the best lipstick colors for pale skin.  Similar to the lipstick, you’ll want a lighter shade of blush with lighter skin, and darker shade with darker skin.

3 Best Colors To Compliment Hazel Eyes
  1. Gold
  2. Mauve Pink
  3. Plum

With these tips regarding eye makeup for hazel eyes and brown hair, you should be able to leave the house with an amazingly elegant look after your next makeup application. For some more tips check out our article on eye makeup for hazel eyes.